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want to know HOW it really sounds. To speak our language. The result is pathetic! If you want to know how bad you'll sound using those "YEE-JOO-MEE" sounds, sconto kingsgardens listen to the sound of a synthetic Spanish voice trying to pronounce English using the same method: /Cartoon-65077479_be941f3aa that's how you'll sound with those "YEE-JOO-MEE". If you are happy with something that can be understood, but it is not how we actually pronounce it, then let's "YEE-JOO-MEE but keep in mind that often you will be replacing sounds that you don't have in your language with sounds that don't exist. This sound is similar to that of "j" in "you but the air air stream, instead of flowing over the middle of the language, like in English, it flows over its sides.

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In many parts of South America, especially in Argentina and Uruguay, the sound is, like "ge" in "beige but there is an increasing tendency to pronounce it as, like "sh" in English. The position of the tongue is identical to the sound of "y" in "you but instead of leaving a small gap for the air to exit, it touches the hard palate, blocking the air stream, which makes the tongue vibrate as it forces its way. Why do you use those pseduo-transcriptions to make your live (and your pronunciation) more difficult than it should be'. The equivalent of that crappy "AAH MEE GOH" pronunciation is to teach Spanish speakers to read English like "Jelou, ai guon to rid a buc" (Hello, I want to read a book with the strong Spanish J, and the thrilled Spanish R, of course. Spanish has a very regular pronunciation, and once you've learnt a few rules, you should be able to read accurately 100 of the words 100 of the time. Supposedly, the standard pronunciation of ll is the sound, which does not exist in English. However, not many people use this sound, but those who do, are supposed to be like those who use the received English. In most areas in most countries, however, people pronounce is as, another sound that does not exist in English. The hire company being Gold car. Ok, first of all, many English sounds do not exist in Spanish, and a few Spanish ones do not exist in English, so all this is useless most of the time if you want to know HOW it really sounds.